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Hiring an Attorney

Many people hiring a lawyer are going through difficult and stressful changes in their lives. Many have little experience with the legal system. Their legal matter is usually the most important event in their lives at that moment.  As a lawyer, I find satisfaction in helping my clients through these difficult times.

The attorney-client relationship is founded upon trust.  In any successful attorney-client relationship, the client must trust that the attorney is working hard for the client's best interest.  The client must also trust that the attorney has the judgment to determine what needs to be done and the skill to do it effectively.

If you hire me, I cannot promise that you will win or even that you will obtain any specific result.  I can, however, promise that I will work hard for you.  I will take the time to learn what is important to you, so that I can tailor my representation to your specific situation.  I will consult with you and keep you involved in the direction your case is taking.  I will communicate with you at every turn to keep you informed about the progress of your case.  Finally, I will give you my honest opinion, even when I know my opinion is not in line with your goals.