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Family Law

I handle divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, spousal support and similar cases.  The situations that lead up to the filing of these cases are complex, involving not only issues of property and debt, but also the complexities of personal relationships, emotions and radical change.  In some cases there are many years worth of property and debt accumulation that need to be sorted through.

When there are children involved, the process is even more difficult.  Securing the best interests of the children is of paramount importance.  I firmly believe that children are better served if they have healthy relationships with both of their parents.  I have also learned that separated parents are happier when they are able to communicate effectively with their former partner to co-parent their children.  I insist that my clients act honorably towards their children, living up to their obligations as parents.  I have frequently reminded clients that long after the children are grown they will likely still have contact with their former partner at the children's graduations, weddings and other important events in their children's lives.

If you are looking for a lawyer to inflict needless punishment on your spouse then I am definitely NOT the right attorney for you.  I believe that both parties have a common interest in resolving the case.  My goal in domestic litigation is to quickly guide my client toward a reasonable, honorable, confidential resolution of the case with a minimum of unnecessary stress and expense.

Kansas has what is known as “no-fault” divorce statute.  In a no-fault divorce the parties need not present evidence concerning the reasons for the breakup of the relationship.  No-fault divorce eliminates the need for potentially embarrassing and undesirable evidence by providing for the dissolution of the marriage on a finding that the parties are incompatible.

Many district courts have adopted guidelines to explain to litigants how the court will likely rule on individual situations.  These guidelines cover not only the division of property and debt, but also issues of spousal support, child custody and parenting schedules.  While these guidelines are not law, they are generally well grounded in reason and based upon much experience.  The District Courts of Johnson County, Shawnee County and Sedgwick County have all adopted their own guidelines. The District Judges in the First Judicial District (Leavenworth and Atchison Counties) generally follow the Johnson County Guidelines. In Kansas the amount of child support payable is generally based upon mathematical calculations. The Kansas Supreme Court has promulgated Kansas Child Support Guidelines to guide courts in setting child support. While there are many variables that enter into these calculations, an experienced attorney can frequently predict a range where the Court is likely to set child support.